Friday, January 16, 2015

Haskins' Treasures

We have been learning about the world around us and we have learned a lot! Some students chose to make treasure maps which included cardinal and intermediate directions and some chose to learn about different regions. Either way, they all learned something new and interesting, and had fun creating and sharing their projects! 

I Have a Dream...

This week we learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  and we reflected on what he taught us. The students watched a movie, heard parts of his speech, and read a few books about his dream. They then wrote a few brief reflections of what they learned. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SPRKing Students with Sphero: Fun & Learning All in One

Today our class received our grant items!! Back in October I wrote a grant for 3 iPad minis and 3 Spheros and we were chosen as a grant recipient. The title of our grant was "SPKing with Spheros". I want to personally thank the Tri-Creek Educational Foundation, Inc. They made this educational opportunity possible by funding our project! As a result of its fundraising success, the Foundation is able to provide grants for innovative projects like this activity. My class and I are grateful for the Foundation's support in enhancing student learning throughout the school corporation. 

Sphero is a new device that is used by fusing technology with robotics to teach and inspire tomorrow's inventors and innovators. It also sharpens students’ math and science skills and science skills while encouraging collaboration among peers and grade levels in a project-based learning environment. These 21st Century Skills will better prepare students for future college and career readiness. Indiana is also looking at programming to become a new "foreign language". With the implementation of these devices, this is another way that we that we can better prepare students for success in the future. Spheros are beginning to be implemented into some elementary schools already. Spheros have the potential to actively engage all learners across various learning abilities.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! This year has been a bit crazy with the weather, but we still found time to make "New Year Wishes". I hope you all have a happy and blessed new year that leaves you full of many great memories!